Axis Football 2016

Okay, with a name like “Axis” I’m thinking German soccer circa 1939, but really this is US football for the PC.

It’s currently on Steam for $19.99. The game has two big plusses going for it right now: a very interesting way to do passing via the Steam Controller, and you can mod the hell out of it; in fact it is encouraged and easy to do.

Yes, you can use your XB1 controller as well but if you need to see why the Steam Controller is pretty good, this would be a way. You see when you pass, you actually use the right stick (or pad on the Steam controller) to lead the pass. Remember the days of cone passing on Madden – kinda like that but better.

Now the game still feels a little rough – graphics are ok but some of the animations (kicking especially) look a little off. I didn’t notice any penalties in my game (they removed jumping offside on a snap); the play by play was not perfect (calling passes incomplete that where complete; saying the two point conversion failed when it was a PAT); kickers with a superhuman ability to get loft on the ball, etc. The AI seemed a little dumb, there’s no play clock (the game clock just stops if you take too long and no delay of game)

But the game was fun and you can’t just waste time.

Oh and you know, considering there are all these other choices for PC Football games this have limited options. Did I mention the modding?



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