So, long time no posts. Sorry about that. Stuff happens, I guess.

I was catching up with Dubious Quality and sent Bill Harris an email who was kind enough to remind me to post on here.

Based on the traffic to this site, I don’t think many are here. Maybe I’ll do a podcast. hahahahaa.

Anyway, moving on, let’s talk sports games. This week marks the launch of FIFA 17. Last week Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 came out. So are you ready for some Futbol!

I had the opportunity to play the 10 hour trial of FIFA 17 this weekend. I didn’t use the entire trial, because well, I wasn’t all that excited. I love the fact that there are full licenses in this game, but I just don’t care for the gameplay at all.

PES on the other hand, whoa. (First off, let me say under no circumstances should you buy the PC version of this game. It is just as horrid as last year and anyone who believed the game would be ported from the console this year just got sold a bill of goods). I have the PS4 version of the game, and thankfully, my team is licensed (Yay Liverpool!) and the player models are gorgeous. I know who everyone is!

Of course on the PS4 you are allowed to edit logos and teams which makes it easier to create the EPL. Supposedly Anfield will be a downloadable stadium in the future … fingers crossed.

I just feel like PES is a real soccer game. Getting a goal feels like work – there’s strategy and passing; FIFA 17 feels like it’s an arcade shooting gallery. I also like the nice touches in PES, like on a free kick the ref will mark the ball and 10 yards with the magic foam.

So there you have it. PES it is based on my brief trial!

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