My dad passed away late last week at the age of 76. 

Although I can’t say the relationship was perfect, he was and will be my dad. Trying to make a decision to remove a ventilator (i.e. Life support) is certainly not an easy one. However, when there weren’t drugs sedating him, you could tell the amount of discomfort going on. 

My takeaways from this experience: have a living will. Be specific about when life support should be removed or designate a power of attorney that can make these decisions when you’re incapacitated. 

I often mention my Christmas Eve 1979 story, when I was first introduced to the Atari 2600. My dad certainly surrendered to my constant desire for this console, and it was great. I remember playing the TI99/4A game Adventure as a family. I have a soft spot for a mongoose since that game for sure. We also played many sports games, from Home Run in 1979 to Real Sports Baseball for the 2600 and 5200, to Hardball for the Commodore 64. All good times for sure.  He always wanted to enjoy a game or two after work but I or my brother usually hogged the system, and back in those days we either had to be kicked off to do our homework or he was able to play games after we went to bed…and we often stayed up late.

Back in those days, we traded cartridges with our neighbors because there were no rentals. I remember us trading for Demon Attack by Imagic — we had the console and the games on the floor and someone stepped on that cartridge cracking the casing. The game still worked but it was someone else’s property. We couldn’t buy a new game because it was $30 and we didn’t have it, so my dad took the responsibility for the actions of his kids and brought it over to the neighbor. The neighbor was not happy and saw through that ruse. Needless to say we didn’t trade games any more…but it was appreciated that he took the heat.

He served in the USAF during the 60s and after 4 years, was discharged honorably and left the USAF as a Captain. 

Needless to say I’m right with John Oliver when he gives a big middle finger to 2016. 

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