Catching up

Man, every time that I think things are settling down, the world goes a bit off kilter again.  I’ll leave some of those details for another day though.  Let’s catch up on a few good things that I’ve been able to experience lately.

Craig (remember him?) and I went to K1Speed last week, and that was a remarkably fun experience.  What surprised me is how quickly I took what I’ve learned from years of playing countless hours of racing video games and applying that to racing karts that go up to 45 miles per hour.  What also made me happy is that I had a faster lap time than Craig did, but I digress.  If you have the opportunity to try out something like this in your area, I highly recommend it.  Groupon has a good deal of specials for K1, along with places like Andretti kart racing, from time to time and it is a pretty affordable (and fun) afternoon.

Movie time:

Arrival – Outside of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind, I can’t recall another Sci-Fi movie (off the top of my head) where communication and language are the major focus of the film.  Putting the focus of the film on needing to learn how to speak with an alien race/culture and seeing all of the inherent challenges that would create, made for a very engaging film.  Highly recommended.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – On Thursday night, I took my oldest daughter to see the film and we both enjoyed it a great deal.  Taking my daughter to the film was a surprise, so when she found out that we were going to see it, she literally skipped into the theater (my kids constantly make me smile.)

Probably the most refreshing thing about the film was that it was fun to see a Harry Potter story where you didn’t have all of the background story already.  The characters were entertaining and the story kept us engaged throughout.

The funniest thing that happened during the movie was the fact that the film actually froze about 45 minutes from the conclusion.  We could actually hear the people working at the theater talking about the digital projection setup from our seats, and I’m a geek, so it was pretty funny to me.  After a reboot, it was fixed.  So, as always Roy is always right.


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