New Computer time!

So, after living with my old modified Dell XPS system for 6+ years (with a GeForce 570 card and replacement power supply,) I finally decided to build a new system last week.

With a handful of gift cards for Best Buy, along with a good deal of other gift cards that I had collected throughout the past few years, I trudged to Microcenter and Best Buy and picked up the following parts to put together a new system.

Intel i6700K processor
16GB DDR4 – 3200MHz memory
GeForce 1070 video card

The build took a bit longer than I would have hoped (only 2 hours) because the heat sink for the processor was a pain and I was trying to manage cables and keep everything nice and clean, but it finished up nicely and was finally put into service replacing the old system on Sunday evening.

Since then, it has been a process of re-downloading nearly every game (thanks to AT&T for not having a data cap!) that I’ve wanted to take a look at on Steam for the last few years and actually having a system that can run it on 1920 by 1080 without having to sacrifice anything in graphical quality.

Having said that, I have an old Acer 23″ monitor (and a Sony Playstation TV Monitor – for 3D movie playback) that I use for displays, but have been debating picking up a monitor that can handle 1440 or 4K.  Dan has been trying to get me to pick up a new one for the last week or so, but I was curious as to if anyone had thoughts about current monitors.  I know that 4K models are limited to 60Mhz but didn’t know if anyone (outside of Dan) had thoughts on what monitors they would recommend for gaming at this point.  Comments, tweets or emails are, as always, appreciated.

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