Really sad to see the demise of Pebble. I owned an original Pebble smartwatch as well as a Pebble Time (color) watch.

It was the first time I believed in Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. Since that time, most of the other projects I went to fund were not great. I got a horrendous fitness tracker that barely works (Uno Noteband), a cool mesh network called Chime which failed to meet it’s goal and looks a lot like Google WiFi, the PopSlate 2 e-ink case for your iPhone 6 (which still hasn’t shipped and I don’t even have an iPhone 6 anymore).

There were some successes: MST3K, Reading Rainbow (ironically where a gift was a Pebble), and kickstarters for Pinball Arcade all seemed to work.

I had moved on from the fitbits and the uno bands and the Pebbles of this world with the Apple Watch, which really does not get it’s due. The thing is awesome, especially at work in a “no phone” environment — as long as your phone is less than 30 ft away you can scribble / text on your watch!! bwhahahaah!

But anyway, Pebble was the trailblazer. It’s promised products were so, uh promising…and now it’s gone.

Oh well…anyone playing Titanfall 2? 🙂


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