So long 2016 you %%%ing turd

Happy 2017 to everyone.

2016, in a word, sucked.

My dad died, my uncle died, David Bowie died, Prince died, Pete Burns died (lead singer of Dead or Alive), Princess Leia died, Abe Vigoda died, George Michael died, Gene Wilder died…even Father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H died on the last day of the year. Nothing more fitting than having a TV priest die at the end.

Oh and I also had to buy two new revisions of two old consoles. Well I didn’t have to, but frequent blog readers know I would have. And there’s the election. #sad.

So, as the Rock would say, in regards to 2017, Just Bring It!

In regards to 2016, GTFO.



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