Big Screen 4K

Okay, so I think I may have mentioned that I finally gave in and bought a 4K TV for my office/den area so that I could enjoy the fun of HDR gaming (good luck finding an HDR monitor) with my consoles.

Now I have to sit way back in order to play games…grr.

Playing Forza Horizon is amazing, but playing some of the other EA Sports games has left me less than enthused.

For example, I thought it would be awesome to play FIFA 17 on a 43″ monitor when I was on a 26″ …but it feels more cluttered…the “trainer” seems to take over the whole screen. Maybe I could deal wilth it on a smaller screen, I guess. The game plays fine…but the clutter..yikes.

And Madden, whoa. I don’t remember that game feeling like a loose beta on passing. I actually despised playing it. I think I had 4 tipped balls picked off in the first quarter in all-pro. I never said I was a great Madden player…but the controls did not feel right at all.

Maybe I play iPad Madden too much or something….but the game just felt off….

Oh well, either I play that beta football game on Steam, or I don’t play football on a console at all now. Yikes.

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