Super Bowl

Well, first off I believe I am now officially old.

As I watching the Patriots earn a trip to their 9th Super Bowl, I was thinking quite a bit about the old days. You see, I met Craig in 1997 right after the Patriots lost to Green Bay in the Super Bowl, and the general feeling at the time was that was Bledsoe’s prime and we wouldn’t see that again.

I remember chatting with Craig over ICQ during the 2001 (2002 actually) Snow Bowl game. Hard to believe that was 16 years ago. I kept telling Craig his arm was going forward. Those were pretty amazing times. When the Patriots won their first Super Bowl, I think no one wanted to sleep that night, it was an OMG finally I can’t believe this has happened…and now to think since they’ve won 3 other times…

It’s just amazing. I think about my kids. In their short lifetime, they’ve seen a Bruins win, a Patriots win, a Red Sox win and a Celtics win..and not that I’m a fan of all those teams, but still how amazing is that. 

I have no idea what to expect for this Super Bowl. I can’t say I know much about Atlanta…except their QB beat Clemson when I saw him play at BC. Craig remembers that game also. HA! 

It almost makes me want to start a sports gaming site again .Not really. 

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