NES Classic

In order to get an NES Classic, I had to succumb to a GameStop extortion bundle – the pay $109 for the $60 device and get a bunch of crap with it you don’t want – yay a Zelda light!

It also had a wireless NES Classic controller and an extension cable. Those you pretty much need with it.

I seem to play the NES Classic more than For Honor. Why is it Tecmo Bowl is so much fun even if they don’t have the 5 Time World Champion New England Patriots in it. but they do have Indianapolis. Seriously WTF.

Glen tells me there’s a hack that lets you drop a crap load of ROMs into it which I have to check out. That controller is just as numbing to my hand as the original was in 1987. 

So this combined with the U2 Joshua Tree tour makes it feel like I’m 15 again. Except for the face I am wearing fake teeth. And my hair is white.

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