I haven’t been into GameStop since I bought an Xbox One S for my son using a crap load of Skylanders trade in credit.

I went in trying to find a Shovel Knight amiibo (which they didn’t have of course)…but you know what else they didn’t have ? Games. WTF has happened to GameStop?

The whole front end of the store was video game TShirts, and those Funko Pop! figurines a

Um, isn’t the store GameStop? Not Spencer Gifts? And finally of course, I never went to GameStop/EB Games/Software Etc in my youth trying to date someone…but man…not only is it a sausage fest…it’s also where apparently everyone doing heroin goes to trade games for cash. The stench was atrocious.

And this is why I buy digital or release date delivery with 20% off from Amazon or Best Buy.


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