Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all.

Anyone else remember the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon? I mean the show was awful but you just expected to see it anyway…and you wanted to stay up all night to be cool – even though there was nothing cool about it. You could only see so many Ed McMahon handoffs.

So what are we playing? For me, it’s Madden NFL 18. Despite all the “OMG Frostbite” marketing stuff, I still don’t see how it’s that much different from last year.

Who is playing Everybody’s Golf on PS4? How about the Golf Club 2 on PC? Hello? Is this thing on?


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1 Response to Labor Day

  1. Rand says:

    It is indeed on, and some of us might even be reading still!

    Been playing Escapists 2 in co-op, with a little dabbling in Faster Then Light on the side. Haven’t touched a sports game in months tbh. Last one was MLB The Show but I took a break from that awhile ago and haven’t really gone back.
    Looking forward to Franchise Hockey Manager 4 though.


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