Sunday Thoughts

Let’s talk games!

  • FIFA 18 is released this week although anyone with EA Access has already been playing it. If you like soccer, you will like FIFA 18.
  • I picked up NASCAR Heat 2. I know that the NASCAR games have been underperforming or under the radar since the golden days of Papyrus series, but this game has the capacity to be in the upper tier of games. The PS4 game looks gorgeous. The game plays well..drafting is a real thing. From my own personal experience at New Hampshire International Speedway and Daytona, the tracks look well replicated. You have other divisions than the Monster Energy series, including trucks…and they drive differently. I can’t speak for the Xbox One version, but I’m liking what I see so far.
  • We live in a world where the National Anthem is a news item on the NFL pregame shows. #sad
  • Love how all the NFL owners come out for diversity, just not when it applies to signing the QB that started it. No really, Jay Cutler is much better than him.
  • We also live in a world where US Soccer bans national anthem protests. Let that sink in.
  • The Golf Club 2: if you like golf, you will like this.
  • I wouldn’t believe that my Apple Watch S3 would show up before the out of stock everywhere Apple TV 4K, but there you go.
  • Speaking of sellouts, anyone already in line for the Super Nintendo Classic system?

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