Monday Thoughts

Waking up on Monday and reading Twitter comments from Steelers fans is fun. I only wish Twitter was alive in 2002. I would have loved to hear all the sane comments from Raiders fans as well. Of course, this also applies to “pundits” who think the rule should be changed. It should be changed of course, until the rule makes every catch a fumble, in which case the rule should be changed again.

Ironically, just like with Seattle in the Super Bowl, it’s not like Pittsburgh didn’t have a chance to win (or 4)..they just happened to not win.

No doubt this is not the Patriots team of “old” but it still made for an exciting 4th quarter.

In other news, I didn’t buy Golden Tee home edition, but I have been using my PSVR — but not really for sports games, unless Carnival Games counts as one. I play most of my PSVR games seated and sometimes the Move controllers are wonky for me. Also annoying with Move controllers: the use a USB charger cable that I don’t have enough of (the mini-USB as opposed to the Micro-USB). I’m glad I still have the move charging dock I bought with the PS3. Good times.

Moving to soccer, glad to see that Glen’s team is moving up in the table. Not far up enough to be in the Champions League, but still out of relegation is always a plus!

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