RIP Toys R Us

I’m sure readers of a certain age have some memories of Toys R Us. A kid growing up in the 80s could pick from TRU, Child World, K*B Toys, FAO Schwarz and more to find something to do or have fun with. And now they are all gone.

Before there was a GameStop, or Best Buy, there was Toys R Us. I remember it well from my Atari 2600 days when you had to take a ticket to check out and then get your game from this locked cage. Boy was it annoying when you saw a game you liked on display and there were no tickets left. Talk about a tease.

I was probably responsible for the all sales final policy on video games at Toys R Us — back in those days, if you thought the game sucked, you could return it and get something else. I’m talking about you Pelé Championship Soccer. You sucked. Also Demons to Diamonds.

During the crash of ’83, it was a great place to pick up games on the cheap. I think Krull was like $3.99 or something.

I remember seeing the display for the Atari Lynx there, although I never got that console; Game Gear as well. I think the only console I bought at TRU was the Sega Genesis in the early 90’s. That was awesome.

I always remember the smell of a Toys R Us. Even when I took my kids there, it still had that smell. I haven’t been to a TRU in a while, my kids are older, and I totally despised the layout of a TRU. It was some weird hub and spoke system with gaming in a special section that felt like a prison. I think that’s where they started to go downhill. Even their annual B2G1 sales weren’t worth it for me.

While it is a shame to see another part of your childhood leave this world, I can’t say I’ll miss them. They have long since moved on from my places to shop for anything. But I’ll still have those video game fire sale memories of the 80s. And popping that stupid pop dice roller thingy on the game Trouble.

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