Monday notes

So, I had an X-Ray of my shoulder done today and the results were inconclusive, but I could have told you that.  MRI in a month, PT until then.  If I would have pushed I probably could have skipped the PT, but I’m trying to be a good patient.  The one thing that shocked me in the office was how many people were there for cortisone shots.   They had them almost lined up.  Every person that went through the billing was asked if they got a shot that day.  Never in my life have I seen an office where so many people were getting the same sort of treatment.  You would have thought they were Opioids the way everyone was getting them.

The Mrs. bought an Instant Pot over the holiday season and while I mocked her for it as soon as she ordered it, I have become a believer.  We’re doing all kinds of good stuff in there.  Korean Barbecue, Biriyani, Curry.  Tonight I made Chicken Fried Rice, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was definitely a tasty meal that I was able to whip up in about an hour (including cleanup.)  Yep, I’m officially old… but at least I’m making some better food.


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