Wednesday notes

If you go to and log in with your Playstation Network account, you can watch a video to get a 20% off coupon for the Playstation Store (expires on 3/31.)  Great way to get MLB: The Show 18 for $48 on release day (the code doesn’t work on pre-orders apparently, but should work after it comes out.)

Didn’t win the baking competition at work, shocking that people didn’t like a molten chocolate salted caramel pudding (sarcasm.)  It made the whole house smell like heaven and tasted sensational.  Some cheesecake won probably because people could have a massive portion.  Oh, well.  My family and I had a great time making it, so there is something to that that makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Lastly, I picked up Super Mario Run for $4 last week and I don’t know why people hate  this game so much.  I have enjoyed the game quite a bit more than I thought I would have.  Of course, I did get it for less than the full price, but considering it is the first time I’ve ever bought a game for my phone (outside of Humble Bundle’s that got me things like Ticket to Ride and Splendor,) I think it is totally worth your time.

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