I have no idea how many of you that read this site have it (cricket… tumbleweed,) but I have been absolutely loving the the PSVR purchase that I made last June.

For the first few months after picking up the system, I would pick up a game here and there when they would go on sale and each game offered a little something different to the experience.  From the group game play experience of ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ to the wonderful environmental puzzle games like ‘GNOG’ and ‘We Expect You to Die’ to the shooters such as ‘Superhot,’ ‘Doom VFR,’ and ‘Farpoint’ to racing games like ‘Driveclub VR’ and ‘Dirt: Rally,’ the games have done an amazing job of putting me in another world when I need a bit of an escape from some of my day-to-day events.

Today, Wipeout Omega collection was updated with a free VR update and it is absolutely amazing.  I never would have thought that a game that moves that quickly would work so well in VR, but I was shocked at how easily I was able to adapt to the speed of the game and loved every second of it.  All that adds to the fact that it is the ENTIRE GAME, without any restrictions, being given the VR addition.

With Sony announcing a $100 price drop on all of the VR bundles, I can’t speak more highly of the PSVR setup.  I know that VR doesn’t work for everyone, but if you don’t have a weak stomach and have the means to pick it up, you won’t regret it.

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