So, confession to make.  One of the reasons that I’ve started writing on the blog again is to get my brain back into a writing mode.  I’ve had a few ideas for screenplays working their way through my head over the last few months and I had heard tell from many people that working on your writing muscles can sometimes get those ideas further along.  Lo and behold, that’s what’s happened.  Last night I was getting ready for bed and WHAM almost the entire plot, from beginning to end, of one of my ideas hit me and the feeling was awesome.

I have absolutely no belief that it will amount to anything beyond written words on a page, but it’s been so great to feel good about the process.  Within a few hours I had a 7 page treatment.  That does not mean that I have any chance of turning it into a functioning screenplay, but it’s the first time that I’ve felt really good about something that I’ve personally done in a while and it has definitely helped me get out of a bit of a funk that I’ve been in.

Without a doubt, I’ll be back here hammering out some mundane thoughts about games that I’m playing or sports that I’m watching, but I wanted to thank you all for being here to help me with this process. You may not have known it, but you helped give me the kick in the ass that I needed when I wanted to try and do something different, so thank you for that.

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