Wrestlemania 34

If you’ve been alive for 34 years, you can remember when you had to go to some hole in the wall venue to watch Wrestlemania on “closed circuit TV”…..or remember when you had to pay $70 to watch it on Cable Pay Per View…now you get it for $9.95 a month. Kids today don’t realize how good they have it.

Overall I thought the show was equal to the annual hype – with one glaring exception. It was amazing to me that the first match out of the gate was amazing with Seth Rollins winning the IC belt…and even the gimmick matches were fun. The ladies were also impressive (not counting the lame Battle Royale on both genders).

The return of the Undertaker was expected, of course, but you could still get goose bumps. Seeing Daniel Bryan not miss a beat getting back into the action was awesome, and I hope he’s back for a long time.

But for me the one match that sucked was the last one: Brock vs Reigns. It was just terrible. The cool thing is that it will either be edited later or really cut down to avoid having the whole show go to a from TV-PG to TV-MA. Between the f bomb by Brock and the blading by Roman, there’s no way this gets a PG.

Let’s talk about that last match though: Superman Punch. Superman Punch. German Suplex. German Suplex. Superman Punch. German Suplex. F5. F5. German Suplex. Superman Punch. Spear. Spear. F5. Superman Punch. F5. Rinse. Repeat. Just terrible.

And then after Brock wins, they go back and show Roman leaving the ring to his music. Like they wanted the fans to say “good try, good effort.” I think everyone said please turn heel. Even the crowd chanted “this is boring” lol. That was awesome.

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