PlayStation Classic is a Classic…for me to poop on!

Well it’s after Christmas and the $99 PlayStation Classic that was released less than a month ago is now seeking for $69 or lower. Even before Christmas, GameStop was offering a $25 gift card with purchase.

Folks, this thing is so bad it makes some of the AtGames compilations look fantastic.

It’s like Sony had a meeting , wanted to capitalize on the retro craze and asked for every possible way to bork it up:

* The collection of 20 games, for the most part , is garbage. Who is going around asking to play Battle Arena Toshinden?

* Hey just to make the games feel worse, use the PAL version instead of the NTSC version. That will look fantastic over HDMI!

Spend your money buying Atari Classics Volume 3 on Xbox or PS4, or the entire Atari Collection on Switch. Lots of interesting games there from the arcade to the Atari 5200 (yay 5200 getting some love, but playing those games with a self-centering d-pad when the original controller wasn’t self-centering is hard).

And you can play online. Although there is no one in the lobbies except for me. LOL

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1 Response to PlayStation Classic is a Classic…for me to poop on!

  1. matts2653 says:

    Good to see it’s not dead yet. đŸ˜€ I saw a Sega Genesis reboot/classic/retro thing that looked pretty good just doing the eye test on the box and content list. I had way more fun with a Genesis then I ever did with the original playstation. Picked up Madden on the sale yesterday, it feels damn good to be back on PC again.


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