New Sports Games

Been a while since a post, but then again, what’s been going on except for quarantining?

A couple of new sports games have come out since we last chatted.

First, Super Mega Baseball 3. As Glen said a few months back, it’s hard to understand why this game is $45 and the other 2 were $20…but if there’s anyone I want to see survive this pandemic, I can throw another $25 to these game creators.

Super Mega Baseball 3 is fantastic. I really enjoy it…easy to play, hard to master…great stats kept, so many modes to play…I will say it plays fine on the Nintendo Switch..although if you’re playing in handheld mode it’s a little harder to read and pitch for this old guy. On the TV it’s fine…but I still prefer the Xbox One version…just looks so much better.

I’m going to wait for the Steam sale to buy it on Steam…that will be fun though. I had some expiring $$ on Xbox so that’s why I went in that direction.

The other game, which I haven’t heard boo about is AO Tennis for the PC. It’s free with Origin Access Premier and I can’t remember the last time there was a tennis game worth talking about. I exclude Mario Tennis because uh..that’s not really tennis.

This AO game is pretty good..the sounds, the graphics…it really feels like you are playing the game. The aiming process on shots takes time to get used to and hitting aces is not easy, unless of course you’re the computer. I played a men’s singles game in about 40 minutes as Nadal…I won 3 sets to 0 but it sounds a lot easier than it was. If you have Origin Premier, it’s a no brainer to try out!!

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