It’s opening day 2023. I haven’t played The Show yet but I certainly watched the games today.

The Orioles beat the Red Sox in what I call a “Home Run 2600” game. You see, I would play my dad and I would always throw these crazy ass pitches. And then when I was ahead, I’d deliberately hit all his players so that the bases were loaded and then I’d hit a triple play, because it was Home Run and the game was terrible.

We’d also play the 5200 game, which had speech and was so cool. I won a ton of games, so just to keep it fun, I’d let my dad win. I told my brother this, and told him he should let dad win now and then, but instead he told my dad that I let him win. My dad enjoyed bourbon, and uh…let’s just say when he found this out he was not happy.

It was not pleasant. From that point forward I realized it was best not to say anything and anytime I played a game with him after, he always wondered if I let him win. I remember playing him in Hardball on the C64 and the Genesis.

No matter what, we always talked about the Orioles. Even if there were issues, there was always the Orioles. He left this world in 2016, and even now I am like damn I wish I could talk about today’s Orioles victory.

It’s just so hard to believe this f’n team hasn’t won since 1983. Sigh.


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