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Feeds for the site

Guess I thought that post would carry over, but the one that showed the new feeds for the site didn’t come through. Here are the links. Main site feed Comments feed

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New site

After months of fighting our own hosted site and trying to get our database issues resolved, I’ve finally caved and moved the site to Having our own hosted server offered a few benefits, but a great deal more cost. … Continue reading

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New Twitter Account

I’ve created a @SportsGamerBlog twitter account.  Very exciting stuff, I know. Hey, at least I’m posting, right?

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Thursday notes

– Hey look, the site has been up for 2 days.  (Of course, that probably just jinxed the whole thing.  Damnit.) – Not that I have bought the album yet, but I have been loving the new Weird Al videos … Continue reading

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Site issues

Sorry for all of the issues that we’ve been having over the past few weeks.  It looks as though we’ve run into a memory bug with Amazon ec2 hosting that has to do with the mysql database that I have … Continue reading

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Blog Policy

In the wake of the “scandal” where Microsoft and EA have been paying users that post videos to Youtube where they highlight and only speak positively about their products, I think it’s a good time to detail our policy in … Continue reading

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Early Monday Morning notes

– Sorry for the lack of posting over the last week. There were database issues (which I just resolved at this nice and early hour) that were preventing some things on the site from working. Also, I worked 56 hours … Continue reading

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