Mobile test

Now I am testing from my phone.

All looks to be well. Hopefully we will be hearing from Dan very soon.

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Just testing

I haven’t written anything in ages and Dan was running into some issues and we’re just making sure everything is working.

We’ll see if all is good when this is up (for the two of us that read this, Dan and myself.)

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Madden Update

I had to download the ‘HOF’ edition update and now I’m all good. Everything is working fine.

Upped the graphics, enabled v-sync and it looks awesome.


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Madden PC

Well, I thought the game wasn’t coming out for a while, but it said it unlocked on 8/1 at 11AM….so I played it tonight.

It was a lot of fun. The game apparently installs like an Xbox game – it has been at 23% for a while, even after I played the “Play now” game (Jax Vs PHI).

But the game was fun. It was challenging. It made me think, I won the game 13-10 in 2OT.

Uhh…notice anything weird? Yeah, I said double overtime. The 1st OT didn’t have a 2 minute warning and I was like huh? Then I tried a FG as time ran out…of course it got blocked…and then play continued. Weird.

I can’t play with any of the settings yet but I will be soon. I noticed immediate graphical tearing but I don’t think the resolution is optimized on my 4K monitor with GeForce 1080Ti yet.

And who isn’t excited about mods…..


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Pre-Load Madden NFL 19 PC Demo NOW

EA has launched Origin Access Premier for PC. The $99.99/annual service includes pretty much every PC game EA is releasing in the past and future, including the soon to be released Madden NFL 19.

If you have Access basic and upgrade, you’ll get a refund on the old one to be applied to the new program.

I signed up because it’s a no brainer. I already made by subscription back by downloading all the Battlefield games and Need for Speed games.

It’s a great deal, and unlike MoviePass, this actually works.

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NHL Beta

Anyone try it yet on XBOne or PS4? Would love to hear your thoughts….

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In breaking news that surprises no one, EA has acquired the rights to the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League starting with 18-19 season.

The official release probably won’t come out until after the final, but my sources tell me it’s a done deal.

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