Work and other stuff

So, it’s been a while huh….

Yesterday I started a contract job as I wasn’t able to find a full time job since losing my job back in January.  This job is supposed to last anywhere between 3 and 6 months, but who knows at this point.

The last few months have been pretty bizarre and I will go into all of it at another time, but I’m happy to be back at work again even if it is just temporary work.

Dan mentioned Palace and I’m happy to say that they’re safe for yet another season (who would have thought they would be only team to win away at Citeh, and win their first away match at Arsenal since ’94?!?!)… and with some luck… Br$#!ton could be sent down as well.  That could be an amazing finish to the year if Cardiff pulls it out.

Not much sports gaming for me of late.  Haven’t had a chance to try out this years version of The Show and haven’t loaded up this years version of OOTP yet either.  Hoping for some time to look at OOTP, but not sure when that time will be.  Soon enough, I hope…

All the best to everyone reading.

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The Show

Is anyone playing MLB 19 The Show on PS4? OOTP 2020? Hellooooo?

Crystal Palace?

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Glen wants to do one. Should we?

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Lose my job on Wednesday…

Friday, I go to zip up my jacket and a handful of teeth just explode out and the zipper falls off making it so that my nicest jacket is no longer able to be worn.

Today, I walk out of the door of my friends house and drop my water bottle and the metal cap hits on the ground exactly in a way so that it renders the bottle completely unusable.

I really don’t think I can leave the house tomorrow.  Although, if I stay in the house… it will probably catch on fire.

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At least I have this job

Well, I got laid off from my job in Atlanta yesterday, so officially my only job is that of a blogger.  I guess I should post to prove that I still do that, huh?

The company is cutting back, because ‘Murica, so at least it wasn’t job performance that got me let go.

So, now it’s updating the resume that I hadn’t touched in over four years and looking to see what else might be out there.  Gotta say, it’s not much fun getting older and looking for work knowing that as you get older there will be less people looking at your resume just because of your age.

Well, back to writing up more of what I’ve been doing for the past 4+ years.

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PlayStation Classic is a Classic…for me to poop on!

Well it’s after Christmas and the $99 PlayStation Classic that was released less than a month ago is now seeking for $69 or lower. Even before Christmas, GameStop was offering a $25 gift card with purchase.

Folks, this thing is so bad it makes some of the AtGames compilations look fantastic.

It’s like Sony had a meeting , wanted to capitalize on the retro craze and asked for every possible way to bork it up:

* The collection of 20 games, for the most part , is garbage. Who is going around asking to play Battle Arena Toshinden?

* Hey just to make the games feel worse, use the PAL version instead of the NTSC version. That will look fantastic over HDMI!

Spend your money buying Atari Classics Volume 3 on Xbox or PS4, or the entire Atari Collection on Switch. Lots of interesting games there from the arcade to the Atari 5200 (yay 5200 getting some love, but playing those games with a self-centering d-pad when the original controller wasn’t self-centering is hard).

And you can play online. Although there is no one in the lobbies except for me. LOL

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Mobile test

Now I am testing from my phone.

All looks to be well. Hopefully we will be hearing from Dan very soon.

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Just testing

I haven’t written anything in ages and Dan was running into some issues and we’re just making sure everything is working.

We’ll see if all is good when this is up (for the two of us that read this, Dan and myself.)

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Madden Update

I had to download the ‘HOF’ edition update and now I’m all good. Everything is working fine.

Upped the graphics, enabled v-sync and it looks awesome.


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Madden PC

Well, I thought the game wasn’t coming out for a while, but it said it unlocked on 8/1 at 11AM….so I played it tonight.

It was a lot of fun. The game apparently installs like an Xbox game – it has been at 23% for a while, even after I played the “Play now” game (Jax Vs PHI).

But the game was fun. It was challenging. It made me think, I won the game 13-10 in 2OT.

Uhh…notice anything weird? Yeah, I said double overtime. The 1st OT didn’t have a 2 minute warning and I was like huh? Then I tried a FG as time ran out…of course it got blocked…and then play continued. Weird.

I can’t play with any of the settings yet but I will be soon. I noticed immediate graphical tearing but I don’t think the resolution is optimized on my 4K monitor with GeForce 1080Ti yet.

And who isn’t excited about mods…..


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