Speaking of Madden

If they drop the year off (ie 18 vs 2018) it makes it sounds like it’s the 18th version of Madden..but isn’t it the 30th game? I think it came out back in 1988 …on the IBM PCs of the day. Good times.

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Madden 18

Well, if there’s a year for Tom Brady to be on the cover of Madden, I guess it’s this one. The curse always lingers…but I mean he’s 40…how much longer can he go? And he does have 5 rings….


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Football (Soccer) Heaven

I just got back from my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Liverpool to see LFC and get a tour of Anfield..and to see some historical places made famous by the Beatles.

It was awesome.


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Playoff Hockey

Wow. Just wow. And it’s only game 1.

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GeForce 1080 Ti

I’ve had my 980Ti video card on my PC for about 18 months, which means it’s time to upgrade. I had debated just going with a stock 1080 or 1080Ti. 

Since I had the Ti before, I figured what the hey and paid the price of an Xbox AND a PS4 and got a 1080Ti. I figured I’d sell the 980 and hope to offset some of the expense, besides you get a game free, so there’s that.

I bought from Newegg and used their free Shoprunner 2 day shipping and the card got here very quick. These NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti cards seem to be as hard to find as a Nintendo Switch, so I was glad to have picked it up.

I have a Velocity Micro PC in a standard case. I figured a video card install would be pretty easy. Nope. This one was a massive pain.

First off, the card is huge. As in I had to force it into my case in order for it to fit huge. Thank goodness it slotted itself because the board got scratched a tad in order for it to fit. Memo to case manufacturers. Stop trying to be so cool with your case design – allow any card slot to have as much room as possible!

After I fit it in, came the next part: plugging in power. The requirements are for a 650W power supply minimum and I have a 750 so that’s good. However it requires 2 plugs off your motherboard and each plug has 8 pins….You do get one adapter included with the card. 

The weird thing on my PC is, I bought it custom built and Velocity did a great job with cable management…however I have the VGA cables that have 6 pins with an additional 2 pin plug to make it 8 — but the 2 pin plug was pulled back and tied…so I had to slice the tie in a very narrow area — one wrong slice and whoops there goes the power…but I did it, plugged everything in, and fired up the PC.

First I heard this awful noise and I’m like WTF…the exhaust fan from the 1080 TI was touching my SoundBlaster Z sound card..so I either had to prop one up or prop one down. The slot for the sound card is not interchangeable – gotta love ISA cards (at least I think it’s ISA..maybe it’s something else, but the slot is a very small one and it won’t fit in any other slot). So I remove the sound card and run with the built in sound (no optical out gah) or hope that the cards don’t touch. The 1080Ti didn’t feel as snug and seated as other cards — probably because of it’s heft — so I opted to pull the sound card and use the built in audio. It won’t kill me — other than the fact that audio doesn’t have indepdent analog channels or digital now (maybe HDMI out, I guess?)… but the audio coming out of my Razer 2.1 speaker system is fine so I will live – and I get to uninstall tons of Creative bloatware — so there’s that. 

Ok. Put everything together again, reboot, get drivers, reboot, and I’m good to go…now it’s time for some 3D Mark action. First, I ran Fire Strike..and scored 19213 – which is higher than 90% of the tested PCs out there. Wow. Then I ran Time Spy and got 8462.  Again, holy crap. 

Bottom line: this card is a game changer. Everything looks gorgeous and is so smooth. I have a Dell 1440p monitor (mainly because I tried 4K and everything is so damn small when you aren’t playing games) and running at non-4K resolutions is a dream. 

So, getting this card is a no brainer if 1) you play most of your games on your PC and 2) you can trade in a lot of your old console games to be able to pay for it.

And just so you know, I have a Core i7-6700K Skylake processor/16GB Ram,  yadda yadda…

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The Show

Of course I picked it up!

The game, like every iteration of the Show on PS4, takes eons to install but you can play the two World Series teams without commentary but with an annoying repetitive song.

Once installed, I think you’ll like it. Plays difficult but fun, graphics are stellar, and retro mode is going to be very much appreciated by anyone growing up in the 90s with great player models but an 8-bit graphics presentation.

This is a must-buy. If you like baseball and don’t have a PS4, you need to buy one. It’s that good, and I never say things like this.

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I bought RBI 17 so you don’t have to

Every year I say “I’m not going to buy it, because last year’s game sucked” and then I say “well maybe they improved it this year” and so I buy it.

And then I play it. Ugh. Same bad music. Same horrendous loading. Same exact gameplay. New rosters though!

Let me save you $20. Don’t get it.



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