Monday notes

So, I had an X-Ray of my shoulder done today and the results were inconclusive, but I could have told you that.  MRI in a month, PT until then.  If I would have pushed I probably could have skipped the PT, but I’m trying to be a good patient.  The one thing that shocked me in the office was how many people were there for cortisone shots.   They had them almost lined up.  Every person that went through the billing was asked if they got a shot that day.  Never in my life have I seen an office where so many people were getting the same sort of treatment.  You would have thought they were Opioids the way everyone was getting them.

The Mrs. bought an Instant Pot over the holiday season and while I mocked her for it as soon as she ordered it, I have become a believer.  We’re doing all kinds of good stuff in there.  Korean Barbecue, Biriyani, Curry.  Tonight I made Chicken Fried Rice, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was definitely a tasty meal that I was able to whip up in about an hour (including cleanup.)  Yep, I’m officially old… but at least I’m making some better food.


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Weekend sports

What an amazing thing that was to see UMBC beat Virginia on Friday night.  Tons better stories have been written about what they accomplished, but I think it’s amazing that the 16-1 upset finally happened and it was an absolute dominating second half where the game was never really in any doubt over the last 10 minutes.  That’s a special sports moment that I won’t forget any time too soon.  Pity that they couldn’t keep it going with another upset tonight, but it was still an incredible moment in the history of the tournament.

Palace finally got things back in track, and with the team starting to get healthy again, I am a little more cautiously optimistic about their chances of staying up this season.  I have never seen a team deal with so many injuries and rally over and over again.  If the team does stay up Roy Hodgson should get all of the consideration for coach of the year.  To take a team with 7 losses in their first 7, without scoring a goal in any of them, and do what he has done with them is a remarkable achievement.  Hell, I would say that even if they don’t stay up.  The talent that they have on the pitch right now though is a team that I don’t think anyone would want to face.  Dan’s squad will see them next and things always seem to be entertaining when Liverpool comes to Selhurst… Crystanbul…. ahem.

Lastly, not sure how many people watched the Paralympics over the past week, but the sled hockey game between USA and Canada last night was an absolute classic.  Both teams destroyed their competition through the opening rounds along with the semi-finals, showing speed that none of the opposing squads could even get close to matching.  In the final though, both teams were so evenly matched and the conclusion of the 3rd period was edge-of-your-seat material as Canada hit the post on an empty net and the US team came back down the ice and tied the game with 30-some seconds remaining.  The US won the game in OT but both teams would have deserved the gold for their performances.  I said it last night on Twitter, but it would be amazing (for the sport, as well as for all fans) to see if someone could put together a best of 7 series between those two teams.  It’s just a pipe dream, but I would be ecstatic if someone could put it together.  Waiting 4 more years for these teams to get this kind of attention is way too far away.

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RIP Toys R Us

I’m sure readers of a certain age have some memories of Toys R Us. A kid growing up in the 80s could pick from TRU, Child World, K*B Toys, FAO Schwarz and more to find something to do or have fun with. And now they are all gone.

Before there was a GameStop, or Best Buy, there was Toys R Us. I remember it well from my Atari 2600 days when you had to take a ticket to check out and then get your game from this locked cage. Boy was it annoying when you saw a game you liked on display and there were no tickets left. Talk about a tease.

I was probably responsible for the all sales final policy on video games at Toys R Us — back in those days, if you thought the game sucked, you could return it and get something else. I’m talking about you Pelé Championship Soccer. You sucked. Also Demons to Diamonds.

During the crash of ’83, it was a great place to pick up games on the cheap. I think Krull was like $3.99 or something.

I remember seeing the display for the Atari Lynx there, although I never got that console; Game Gear as well. I think the only console I bought at TRU was the Sega Genesis in the early 90’s. That was awesome.

I always remember the smell of a Toys R Us. Even when I took my kids there, it still had that smell. I haven’t been to a TRU in a while, my kids are older, and I totally despised the layout of a TRU. It was some weird hub and spoke system with gaming in a special section that felt like a prison. I think that’s where they started to go downhill. Even their annual B2G1 sales weren’t worth it for me.

While it is a shame to see another part of your childhood leave this world, I can’t say I’ll miss them. They have long since moved on from my places to shop for anything. But I’ll still have those video game fire sale memories of the 80s. And popping that stupid pop dice roller thingy on the game Trouble.

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I wish that none of you ever get them.  That is about all there is to say on the matter.  Ugh . Try for more writing tomorrow .

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It says a lot about my current athletic abilities that I was happy to come home from my first softball match last night without a major screw-up, but knew that I would come home with some sort of injury.

I was thrown into right field because that’s where you always put someone where you have no idea what they can do, and thankfully I made catches on both of the balls that were hit there.  What I did run into is the fact that my shoulder is clearly messed up again.  I’ve had two surgeries on my right shoulder at this point (one for a torn rotator cuff and the other for a torn labrum) and this definitely feels like the same sort of thing.

The only good thing that I can say is it didn’t happen at the game. Before the season started I knew something was going on with my shoulder, but didn’t know how bad it was.  After trying to make a long throw from right into the cut-off man at second, I can safely say that it isn’t anywhere near good.

So, here is to yet another reminder of how old I am, and how old I feel.

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MLB The Show 18

Gotta admit, but this is the first year in a while where I have actually been interested in giving The Show a look.

The main reason for my interest is the changes to the Road to the Show mode.  Whenever I have picked up the game, that is the first mode I dive into and I almost never mess with anything else.

The online play is usually broken and any mode that has micro-transactions (Diamond Dynasty, I think it was called) is never going to be something to draw me in.  So, when I heard they were redesigning RttS, it got my attention peaked.

So, along with the new updates to OOTP, and Super Mega Baseball 2 all on the horizon, it is looking like a good baseball season for people like me.

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Sled hockey

Wow.  If you want to watch some absolutely dominant hockey right now watch some of the USA sled hockey team in the Paralympics .

That team is crushing every single team that they come up against and the frightening part is that looks like they are holding back.

Can’t wait to see them play Canada for the gold (as they is what it is all building up to.)

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