I wish that none of you ever get them.  That is about all there is to say on the matter.  Ugh . Try for more writing tomorrow .

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It says a lot about my current athletic abilities that I was happy to come home from my first softball match last night without a major screw-up, but knew that I would come home with some sort of injury.

I was thrown into right field because that’s where you always put someone where you have no idea what they can do, and thankfully I made catches on both of the balls that were hit there.  What I did run into is the fact that my shoulder is clearly messed up again.  I’ve had two surgeries on my right shoulder at this point (one for a torn rotator cuff and the other for a torn labrum) and this definitely feels like the same sort of thing.

The only good thing that I can say is it didn’t happen at the game. Before the season started I knew something was going on with my shoulder, but didn’t know how bad it was.  After trying to make a long throw from right into the cut-off man at second, I can safely say that it isn’t anywhere near good.

So, here is to yet another reminder of how old I am, and how old I feel.

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MLB The Show 18

Gotta admit, but this is the first year in a while where I have actually been interested in giving The Show a look.

The main reason for my interest is the changes to the Road to the Show mode.  Whenever I have picked up the game, that is the first mode I dive into and I almost never mess with anything else.

The online play is usually broken and any mode that has micro-transactions (Diamond Dynasty, I think it was called) is never going to be something to draw me in.  So, when I heard they were redesigning RttS, it got my attention peaked.

So, along with the new updates to OOTP, and Super Mega Baseball 2 all on the horizon, it is looking like a good baseball season for people like me.

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Sled hockey

Wow.  If you want to watch some absolutely dominant hockey right now watch some of the USA sled hockey team in the Paralympics .

That team is crushing every single team that they come up against and the frightening part is that looks like they are holding back.

Can’t wait to see them play Canada for the gold (as they is what it is all building up to.)

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Just following up on Glen’s post, the New England Revolution may have only had 13,000 attend, but we sang for 90. And gave Tim Thomas crap for missing the World Cup.

All bets are off when you play for the opposing team. To be fair 20 years ago we gave crap to Brad Friedel. Now he’s our head coach.

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Atlanta United

So, Dan and I were talking about this earlier and it seems worth discussing.

Football (not American Football, silly reader) is something that seems very focused on the supporters.  When I went to a match last year in Atlanta, my friend (who is from England) asked me where the supporters section for the other team was located.  In a stadium where there were 70 thousand people, it seemed impossible to find a region of the stadium where a few hundred people were cheering for Toronto.

Today Atlanta United had over 72,000 people at their match to watch their game, and while you can find some amazing highlights of how engaged they were for most of the time the crowd sits there quietly.  I just wonder if that is a function of American sports, because the support of your team is a massive part of European football (and one of the major things that drew me to Crystal Palace.)

If you go to a baseball game, you sit on the front of your seat for a second or two, and cheer for your team, but then you sit back and relax for 30 seconds.  For an NFL game, it’s 3 or 4 seconds of screaming, and then waiting (and drinking) for 30 or 40 seconds.  Hockey is a completely different world, so I won’t reflect on that.

I absolutely love what the supporters are doing here.  It’s awesome to see 70,000 people show up on a Sunday to watch a match in Atlanta, but I just wish that they could bring a bit more of the passion that you see when you turn on a Bundesliga or La Liga match, as that is what the MLS aspires to be in the future.

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The Shape of Water

Absolutely wonderful film.  For those of you that haven’t seen it, please remedy that as soon as possible.  Beautiful storytelling and imagery throughout.


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