EA CEO Fired or Resigned

If you read this article you get the feeling that EA CEO Larry Probst was shitcanned. However according to Larry he thought it was the right time to leave…interesting…

In other news, my cornucopia of games from Gamefly arrived today…my re-bought Rainbow Six Vegas, Virtua Fighter 5 and NBA Street all showed up. NBA Street isn’t nearly as bad as the demo was…it’s actually rather enjoyable so far. Virtua Fighter 5 was just plain awful, and not worth the install time…I enjoyed R6 Vegas and had a senior moment. The trade in value of $33 was just too tempting to pass up..then I realized how much I enjoyed the game so I rebought it. Hey I never said I wasn’t stupid.

Sonic just shipped from Gamefly for the Wii. I’m supposed to buy MLB 2K7 but now I’m not sure..the more I play the game and the more home runs I hit, the more disappointed I get…

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