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Wednesday notes

– Well, I finished up my first run through Diablo III early Tuesday morning.   It’s so rare that I would play through a game and think instantly about playing through it again, but there you have it.  Based on … Continue reading

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Dirt Showdown PC out now – Xbox/PS3 mid-June

Here’s something I just found out. Dirt Showdown, the latest racing game in the former CMR series, has released for PC but the console version is not out for another two weeks. It’s only $44.99 this week…or you can buy … Continue reading

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Fairway Solitaire HD Problems

Is anyone else having problems downloading the Fairway Solitaire HD update for iPad. I keep getting a corrupt 8008 error when downloading direct from iPad or through iTunes on my PC.

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So long, Xbox 360 Baseball games

Today at 2K’s press conference they announced upcoming games for release in the next fiscal year. While NBA 2K was slated for an early October release, MLB was nowhere to be found. According to this post at Kotaku, basically 2K … Continue reading

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Wednesday notes

I am en route to tonight’s Brewers game and thought I would post something, as it appears that I am slacking on that detail of late. – Most of my time of late has been eaten up by family stuff, … Continue reading

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Game Booster Going Back under the Paywall

IObit’s enormously popular Game Booster software, which is an important tool if you do PC Gaming and has been freeware for the last few months, is going back under the paywall at the end of June. Of course, I bought … Continue reading

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More Diablo III talk

– I’ve gotten through the first Act with my barbarian and am really enjoying the game, not that it is a great surprise that I’d feel that way. I have a few starter passes to give out as well if … Continue reading

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Diablo 3

As I install the 15GB package from my CD ROM I will say some of the benefits of getting a D3 boxed copy include: 1. Traditional Blizzard note paper 2. 3 Guest Pass codes to Diablo 3 (for limited playing) … Continue reading

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Diablo III 1.0

Oh, really… at 2:30 on launch day your servers are busy? I’ll be the best fan you have… and just go to sleep and hope that in a few hours their working again.  Asshats.

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Madden 12 deal

I know it’s Diablo III launch day and all, but Best Buy’s deal of the day is Madden 12 for $9.99.  Also the Hall of Fame edition of the game is $19.99. That’s a pretty good price for the game, … Continue reading

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