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Just once in my life I would like to see the Orioles get a call that changes the game in their favor while at Yankee Stadium. For blind umpires, here’s a helpful diagram showing a foul ball: I wish … Continue reading

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Monday night notes

– Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but this could possibly be the worst idea for a sports related video game ever.   Bouncing an actual basketball in your living room?  Oh, yeah.. that sounds like a brilliant idea. – … Continue reading

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Where has Glen been?

Well, I’d love to regale you this massively epic tale of adventure and romance, but the sad truth is the fact that I have just been busy with my regular life. Over the last few weeks I have been training … Continue reading

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I preordered Torchlight 2, so that means I have a free copy of the original to give away. Who wants it (you must have Steam, duh)

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Euro 2012

I picked this DLC up for FIFA 2012 for my PC. It’s $25.00. Stupidly, you can’t just buy it, you have to go to the store, buy FIFA dollars and then purchase it. Whatever. It’s about 600MB and it gives … Continue reading

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We’re back

Just back from a week away — took the family to DC, did the touristy stuff. What a lot of fun. The Postal Museum is underrated and very cool..go out of your way to see it. Their current exhibition on … Continue reading

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Things I’m Pondering While Listening to Debaser

1. The Orioles aren’t doing bad. Yes the best team they played was NYY and they were 0-3 to them but they gave them a hard time. Min is so bad, even the Orioles say they suck; they played Chicago … Continue reading

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