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When your house is burning

…I feel it’s best to throw money at the problem to see if it goes away. To me, that is what it seems like the NFL is doing when they settled their ongoing concussion lawsuits with the 4,500 former players … Continue reading

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2013 Sports Gamer Blog Fantasy League

Ok, there has been some issues with getting the league set up, but it is live now. The draft will be at 9:30 EST on Saturday August 31st. Let me know if you want to take part in the league … Continue reading

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Dunk Dreams

Let’s face it, I’m not always near my console or my gaming devices but I pretty much live with my iPhone – mostly due to work (when you work for an international company and there’s six hours difference, you pretty … Continue reading

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Madden 25

Um…playing this game reminds me a lot of playing last year’s game. Seems like someone spent more time working on the Xbox One version…. The IF/THEN commentary is back in full effect. IF you score first, THEN Phil Simms says … Continue reading

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Never mind, or Madden WTF

Because I am  a loser I did get Season Ticket and played Madden. My first connected season, I go right to the real season and skip the preseason. I play NE vs BUF. I’m up 24-21 with 1:28 to go … Continue reading

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NHL 14 Demo is live

I missed this but the NHL 14 Demo became available this week on Xbox and Playstation. It has the Bruins 🙂  

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Season Ticket

Well, I skipped the renewal of EA Season Ticket. I figured since Tiger isn’t coming out or NCAA next year, it would only be 3 games: Madden, NHL and FIFA. I guess I’ll wait like everyone else this year.

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PS4/Xbox One thoughts

It has been absolutely amazing to watch how quickly Microsoft has backpedaled from their initial concepts of what they would do with the Xbox One platform.  If you look at the system/software/integrations that they talked about before E3 and the … Continue reading

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Ryan Braun

Well, since I was asked about it, I think it’s only fair to give you my thoughts and feelings in regards to the Ryan Braun matter. My feelings are this.  I don’t care. I didn’t care about McGuire and Sosa. … Continue reading

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Fifa International Soccer

If you are old like me, you probably remember FIFA International Soccer for the Sega Genesis around the time of the World Cup ’94. MCV has an interesting story about how EA didn’t think the game would sell. 20 years … Continue reading

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