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Thursday notes

– One thing that I can tell you for certain is that you should not stand near an open flame if you’re wearing the same sling I was after my shoulder surgery. The thing burnt into an unrecognizable black lump on … Continue reading

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Wednesday Thoguhts

Get the NCAA Demo yet? I have. And uh…why do I bother. I played as Oregon State. Fortunately I didn’t have to buy a “draft day” report for $25,000. Anyway, let’s review. I receive the ball. Touchdown on Kick return, … Continue reading

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Wednesday notes

– Glad I didn’t watch that Brewers/Yankees game last night.  Ugh.  They’re really struggling against the best teams of the AL East.   Gotta get that figured out. – I don’t know why I find this quote so funny, but … Continue reading

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Tuesday notes

– Good grief, if you read the Madison papers, you’d think that Wisconsin has pretty much locked up the Big Ten title, and will be in the running for a National Championship based on their pickup of Russell Wilson yesterday. … Continue reading

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Monday notes

– I still owe all of you a review of Riptide GT for my Android tablet and I should have that up in the next few days.  Lots of crazy stuff going on, but I will get to it soon. … Continue reading

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Riding the Pines: Episode 67

Here’s what we covered this time around – Craig and Glen cover how disappointing E3 has become – We then discuss the strange pricing for the new Xbox Live Arcade version of Backbreaker – Dan joins us a half hour … Continue reading

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Friday, Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday

1. Kudos to the Washington Nationals who have pulled the Ultimate FU to the Orioles by hiring Davey Johnson. Great pick by them, great ‘eat one’ message to Angelos who forced Davey out in 1997. After that there were zero … Continue reading

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Hump Day Thoughts

Anyone going to buy the new Backbreaker game on Xbox Live next week? If you haven’t played Tiger Woods online, you should, it’s fun, cheaper than the console version and we can have our own group and sponsor each other … Continue reading

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Riding the Pines – Episode 66

Today I had the chance to interview Matt Small and Ralf Knoesel of Vector Unit. In the past year, they’ve been responsible for making Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Xbox Live and their most recent title is Riptide GT for Android … Continue reading

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Two quick Monday notes

As Jonah mentioned, OOTP version 12 will be coming out on Wednesday. Also, the NCAA Football 12 demo will be coming out next Tuesday. I’ll be efforting interviews with both companies to talk about the changes to this years games.

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