MLB in the house

Although the game was out for the PS3 and Xbox 360, I opted for the 360 as I’d rather have rumble than using a motion controller for batting.

I wasn’t sure if I would do it or not, but maybe I’ll try a small league on the blog and see if this game is actually any fun. Glen has already indicated an interest. We’ll see if Bill wants in as well.

Fate intervened and since they didn’t have SSX Blur I didn’t buy it. Makes it very easy. I didn’t even preorder anything. I’m such a good boy. So basically all that’s left in my preorder queue is Guitar Hero 360, Motorstorm and Forza Motorsport for the 360. That’s enough.

I see that the show is out for PS2 but I’m going to hold out for the PS3. I figure I’ll get a month out of MLB and then if it sucks I’ll trade for the Show….we’ll see…

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1 Response to MLB in the house

  1. Glen says:

    I’m going to try and rent MLB… unless I get really impatient and take back my copy of Gears of War (that I didn’t enjoy at all) and pay the $30 buck difference for MLB. I should have something either way in the next week or so.


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