Monday news and notes

RIP: Max McGee.

Max scored the first TD in a Super Bowl.  He was also hung over as he was out drinking the entire night before the game, because he wasn’t supposed to play.  He went into the game when the starting TE was injured and went on to make a spectacular catch and score the first TD in Super Bowl history.

He was a terrific storyteller and color analyst for the Packers Radio network until he retired a few years ago.   He passed away just over a week ago and speaking for the Packer fans amongst us, he will be sadly missed.

–  In other sports news that most of you probably don’t care about, UND and the NCAA settled their ongoing dispute regarding UND’s use of the ‘Fighting Sioux’ nickname.  All UND has to do is get the approval of the Sioux tribes and they’ll be able to use the name without violating any NCAA sanctions.

The NCAA was all over the board on this one… they allowed Florida State to keep using their nickname, but wouldn’t let UND keep theirs, even though they had the support of the Sioux tribes.   Glad it’s close to being done…

– So, a technician came out to replace the motherboard on my laptop today to fix my video card, and no big shock, they had the wrong part… so they’ll need to come back tomorrow or Wednesday to try again.  Super.

– I had to rip apart my whole living room last night to clear it out so that we could get new carpet installed in the house (damn cats tore it up before we found a new home for them.)  The bonus to that was the fact that I was able to remove at least 7 or 8 cables that I wasn’t using (Component for the 360 and PS3, VGA for the Dreamcast, Composite for the Wii, and some extra cables for when I had a DVD recorder.)   It’ll be nice to see how much better it all looks when it gets put back in place tonight.

– If you’re interested in some sports games from last year, Circuit City has the following for the Xbox 360, Top Spin 2, NHL2K7, College Hoops 2K7, and March Madness 2007 for $16.96 on clearance.

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