Wednesday notes

– Well, I finished up my first run through Diablo III early Tuesday morning.   It’s so rare that I would play through a game and think instantly about playing through it again, but there you have it.  Based on the statistics, it took me and my Barbarian 25 hours to finish my first playthrough on normal difficulty.   Yesterday I started playing with a Demon Hunter and played all the way up to the Skeleton King before calling it a night.  What surprised me was how much more fun I was having with the Demon Hunter than I did with my Barbarian.  Sure it’s fun to just hack away at things, but it seemed to be a lot more entertaining to cast my demon dogs and throw darts at any unsuspecting enemy that I was facing.  The amount of strategic changes that I needed to make to handle a boss like the Skeleton King was refreshing as well.

Another nice thing that Blizzard has done is to allow you to share cash and your stash between your various characters.  Gone are the days where you needed to get on an online game, give something to someone else, then sign back on with the character that you wanted to have that item.  Being able to throw them into your stash with one character and then load up a different one and let them use it is a huge benefit and something that I really enjoyed seeing.

It’ll be very hard to find another game that I will spend this much time on in the near future.

– This Brewers season has to be one for the record books.   They now have lost their starting SS, 1B, C, and 2 starting pitchers to the DL for extended periods of time.  I’m amazed that they have taken 2 games against the Dodgers considering the lineup that they are throwing out there.   Still, they’re my team… gotta stick with them.

– So, my new thought for my home television situation is to replace our Dish Network solution with a Tivo Premier box and subscribe to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.   Along with a PS3 or 360 that can handle the MLB and NHL packages, that should get me almost everything I need, for a considerable savings over my monthly satellite costs.

The one thing that I really need to make everything work like I would want is the upcoming Tivo streaming devices.  I don’t want to think about having to put a Tivo box in every room that we have a TV, just so my wife can watch her shows in the living room and in the bedroom.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Suggestions?

– One of the reasons that I’ve been really glad that we’ve had Satellite for a few more months is because of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  This years post season hockey has been tremendous and I am really pulling for the Kings to win their first cup.  Although, I wouldn’t be really all that upset if Brodeur got one last one either.  Still, seeing an 8 seed roll through the playoffs like the Kings have, has been pretty damn impressive and I’d like to see them finish it off.

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1 Response to Wednesday notes

  1. msbonik says:

    I may be betraying my ignorance but it seems Vudu has a better selection than Hulu which looks like it has mostly stuff that Netflix has. Thoughts?


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