Don’t buy Gran Turismo 6 (at least at this point.)

So, yesterday I had some free time at the house (which is something that doesn’t happen nearly as often as I would like, but I digress) and I decided to try out GT6 on the PS3 (Let’s just say I’m a few years behind on games at this point and leave it at that.)

I had picked up a Playseat Challenge a few months back to pair with my Logitech G27 wheel and thought that it would be fun to dive into a racing game in my office.  Little did I know that this would end up being one of the largest time sinks that I have ever endeavored upon.

When I started GT6, the game immediately told me that there were updates.  I figured that it wouldn’t be a big deal because I had played the game about a year ago and I had recalled reading about some updates would have come out since then.  I let it start downloading the updates and after about a minute, the download crashed.  So, I tried it again.  Another crash.

After researching the error that came up, I found a suggestion to launch the PS3 Internet Browser, delete the cache and delete the cookies.  Why on earth the web browser on the PS3 would have anything to do with downloading a patch for a game, I had no idea, but I gave it a shot and found that it worked.

So, now that I could start the patch downloads again, I let the process run.  There were 12 some updates that needed to be downloaded, so I let those complete and then let the system try to launch the game.  Once the game started to apply the patches it estimated that it was going to take 400+ minutes to install, so I turned off the TV and let the console do its thing and install all of the patches so I could eventually get into my racing seat and learn to fail miserably at driving a virtual race car.

Eventually the game would time out and fail on the install of the patches (after downloading some 20GB worth of my valuable Comcast 300GB per month) of data and create an install file that would not ever let you launch the game.

After trying this process twice  (40GB of downloads at this point,) I looked online to see if there was a solution to the issues and was able to find this document which appears to be the official instructions for anyone who wants to try to install the game while being connected online.

For those of you who don’t want to click the link, because you will never play the game, I’ll save you the time by detailing the process it entails.

  1. Let the game install the first 6 patches, then stop the install process
  2. Cancel the install of the 7th patch, then disable your network adapter
  3. Launch the game and let it install the 1st 6 patches.
  4. Quit the game after the install
  5. Enable the network adapter
  6. Install EVERY SINGLE PATCH afterward 1-by-1 repeating the steps of canceling the install after the first patch is downloaded, then disabling the network adapter, then launching the game, letting the patch install, quitting the game, then re-enabling the network adapter.

I don’t want to detail how many hours it took me to get to the point where I am at now where the game is completely installed and functional with the most current patches, but I can’t believe that you would make a game as good as Gran Turismo 6 and not have any idea how to implement a patching system that wouldn’t break the game for someone who didn’t play for a few weeks.

Hopefully these aren’t the kinds of rants you’ll get from me each time I decide to post now, but if they are… they’re very cathartic.

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