Lunch, Then Sliders; Damn You USC

I need to eat. I need comfort food.

The Bucks just lost the title game to USC 31-23. An epic game, really. They scored on a fumble recovery off a botched speed option. (Nice call coach..)

I scored off an INT return. It really was a defensive game in many respects. Boeckman (OSU QB) started off 3/9 for 40 yards in the 1st half and ended 15/28 for 193. I got a bit hot in the 4th, finally. Chris Wells was shut down for the first time this year, getting 20 carries for 49 yards.

The USC QB (rated 96 OVR): 23/35 261 2 TD 1 INT
The HB: 21 carries 65 yards

Here’s how tense it got. I scored with 2 mins to play to make it 28-23. I had USC in 3rd and 8; I had called my last time out. My All Century CB, Mr. Jenkins, got beat in 1-1 coverage for like the first time…ever and gave up the 1st down, and really the game. They moved the ball and kicked a FG because Pete Carroll’s an ass. I couldn’t believe it was Jenkins that got beat on a slant.

Anyway, a super game. Well, you still get your regular “WTF” moment. On USC’s first TD, the WR ran his route — a crossing pattern in the back of the end zone. He went so far deep he bumped into the GOAL POST. He came back in and caught it for six. Laughing, I go to Challenge the call and it won’t let me. Play stands. TD USC. That kinda sucked.

Anyway, I promise to post the sliders for this game after I eat. Ashley is ticked that I have waited this long to fix lunch.

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4 Responses to Lunch, Then Sliders; Damn You USC

  1. Scott says:

    Bill-It’s funny…I’ve been playing mostly APF for the past few days, but I’ve been paying attention to your slider quest. I popped in NCAA last night and played 4 games on a slightly modified All-Star (or whatever the equivalent is) and was seeing a few picks per game by the CPU. So I was cruising along in my Hurricane season (yes, the OSU/UM title game was on classic last week, still crap) and I came in to the game with Texas A&M 3-0, but still unranked. A&M was ranked 21. I got spanked by 14. Their QB went nuts. He was like 21-35 with 290 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. It was a thing of beauty. So there is a great game underneath the hood…just might take a while to get to it. Oh yeah…I threw 5 picks.


  2. bill abner says:

    I throw a lot of picks, too. I still have a habit of trying to squeeze it into coverage.


  3. srudoff says:

    man i can’t run with Beanie :(his acc is too slow – can’t cut corner ever and i have a hard time running up the middle for more than 8 yards


  4. bill abner says:

    Beanie is a tackle breaking machine for me. Runs of 65, 48, and 37 up the gut this season. He’s like a bowling ball. That is, until USC killed him.


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