So….couple of new sports games came out; I was wondering what you might think:

First off, it’s MLB The Show ’23. I am playing the Xbox version because….it’s included under Game Pass.

Great now I can play music all game. That’s a big “who cares.” It feels like MLB The Show. But where’s the pitch clock? Where are the “you can only pickoff a couple times” rules? Not sure how realistic that all is these days. Of course if you’re using true analog pitching, it will probably take more than 9 seconds to pitch…so I guess that can’t be replicated. But I still think that there should be some rules included since the real game has changed. When I was on first the pitcher threw over 2 times, so that means steal right. Not in this game. Ugh.

Moving on, there’s a new golf game in town — it just came out right around the Masters…..and of course it’s about the Masters. A new EA golf game. Seems interesting. Well I started playing it and … was different than what I expected. Left stick swing control? Nope lets switch that to right stick.. and then it just felt weird. As someone who has been playing the 2K game, it feels a lot different. I’ll keep trying. One thing I’m very surprised on, the EA game does not have a.4K resolution on PC. Not sure if that’s the same thing on Xbox as I was playing on the PC .


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