A case of the blahs

The Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas time…in a word, sucks. I have a serious case of the blahs that neither Maker’s Mark nor Xanax can cover. Just an overall “blah” … it’s been cloudy and gray here for the past couple of days…in addition this getting dark at 3PM and sun coming up at 7am crap is just horrid.

Haven’t felt a desire to play games lately, watching sports is still fun, and I’ll be headed down to the Pats on Sunday…hopefully tailgating will be great.

The real job is beyond the redline in stress..home life is fine for now…but there’s just overall ‘tiredness’ about me that I can’t seem to shake. Everyone tells me to start exercising and I’ll feel better, but seriously, that involves, waking up, or walking, and that seems like a lot of energy at the moment.

Anyone with any thoughts or comments? Help me escape the blahs.

PS Wow, didn’t realize how many people were interested in an Xbox 360. JC Penney had a ‘bundle’ today for $700. The catch? The bundle was the freaking console! That’s it. Lame!

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1 Response to A case of the blahs

  1. pb4201 says:

    Play College Hoops 2K6 it’ll cure anybody blahs!!!Its that damn good!


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